We work together to train students to use your products, the right way.

When you've gone through countless hours designing and manufacturing your tools, you want them to be used correctly. That's where we come in!

We partner with over 100 electrical industry companies and organizations. To us, they are far more than just "vendors" who supply a product or service to the IBEW, NECA and the electrical training ALLIANCE. They are our valued training partners. Together we share a common goal and a shared vision of training the next generation of electrical workers to be the very best in the electrical industry.

Direct access to those who use and train with your products and services

We give you direct access to the people who are teaching students to use your products. This level of communication is what sets us apart from the rest. By providing that direct link, you are able to make sure that your products are being used the way they were designed and as effectively as possible.

Network with other training partners

Our industry cannot be mutually exclusive. Communication between all parties is key to learning and improving. We take pride in the level of communication we provide our training partners. Not only do we work directly with you, but we also provide networking opportunities for you with other training partners. Now you'll be able to learn from other's experiences and also share your own experiences.

National Training Institute (NTI)

Each year, we provide a unique gathering of collaboration and learning at the National Training Institute. This weeklong conference provides further networking opportunities for our training partners. We don't encourage you to attend - we encourage you to participate. Whether it's teaching a seminar at the event or providing thoughtful discussion, NTI allows you to gain valuable credibility within our industry and brush shoulders with other thought leaders.

Training Partner Summit

The electrical training ALLIANCE understands the importance of communication and relationship building. Each year we host a Training Partner Summit where electrical training ALLIANCE Directors and Industry Leaders present and discuss new opportunities to integrate your products and services within our industry. This is a very informative gathering where the electrical training ALLIANCE provides insightful information regarding current trends in the industry and the direction the electrical training ALLIANCE is pursuing regarding the training of our workforce.

Inside Platinum Level Training Partners

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Outside Platinum Level Training Partners

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