To train the best, you have to use the best!

There's no question the quality of JATC and AJATC graduates is directly affected by the quality of the training materials used and the way it was taught. Your students want to be the best, so use the best!

For over 70 years, we have been helping training directors improve their programs with the best curriculum in the industry and by working with them every step of the way. We make it easy to implement technology in the classroom, enhance the skills of your instructors and customize the curriculum to precisely what your students' need.

Instructor Resources

We're there every step of the way

We don't want to simply drop off training materials on your doorstep and run. We want to be there to support you and your instructors to train your students better than ever. We'll help you implement our training materials without the headaches. We'll also train your instructors how to not only teach the material, but how to be a better educator in general. This has been one of the most sought-after benefits of using our curriculum since many instructors' backgrounds are as craftspersons, not educators.

Make the most of technology with Blended Learning

Learning doesn't stop when class ends. Neither should communication. With our Blended Learning approach, teachers and students can connect and learn no matter where they are or what device they're on.

Most importantly, it's easy. It's easy to maintain and easy to incorporate into your training center. After all, isn't technology supposed to make life easier? With Blended Learning, it does!

Blended Learning
Regional Curriculum

Curriculum customized for your region

The skills required of your JATC's and AJATC's graduates are different from those in other parts of the country. No one knows that more than us.

Having provided training curriculum for over 70 years to JATC's and AJATC's across North America, we've been through everyindustry innovation and milestone. We were even the first to create the training curriculum for most of these milestones. Through all of this, we've gained an unmatched knowledge of what skills students need and where they need them. That is why our curriculum contains a core component and an advanced studies options, so your students canlearn theapplicable skills relevant to your market.