We've got your back!

Whether you've been teaching for 20 years or two weeks, we've got your back! We provide the most comprehensive set of instructor resources available so you always have the skills to train the craftspersonof tomorrow with confidence.
Instructor Resources

All the training you need

We've found that many instructors come from a craftspersonbackground, rather than an education background. With our curriculum, it won't matter. We take pride in our ability to transform anyone into a professional educator.

For new instructors, we'll help you master the curriculum and teach you skills to better teach your students. For experienced instructors, we can help you take it to the next level and master the skills that only the finest educators possess.

Keep teaching outside the classroom with blended learning

Don't allow instruction to only be limited to the classroom. With Blended Learning, you can continue teaching and communicating with students long after class has dismissed. Whether using a desktop computer or a mobile device, students can access blended learning wherever they are. This makes it ideal for instructors looking to have students using class materials while on the job site.

Blended Learning
Regional Curriculum

Curriculum customized for your region and your students

The skills required of your students are different from those in other parts of the country. No one knows that more than us.

Having provided training curriculum for over 70 years to JATC's and AJATC's across North America, we've been through every industry innovation and milestone. We were even the first to create the training curriculum for most of these milestones. Through all of this, we've gained an unmatched knowledge of what skills students need and where they need them.

That is why our curriculum contains a core component and an advanced studies options, so your students can learn the applicable skills relevant to your market.